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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Burgers To Eat In Berlin In 2015


They serve burgers all over the world and even though it is typically just a simple bap with some meat and a couple of toppings in the middle, they can vary massively in quality. Berlin has its own range of cracking burgers and we thought we’d put them in order and sort the very best ones into a list, so you can enjoy them one by one. We are drooling just sitting here looking at them. Washed down with a glass of coke, a milkshake or a nice cold beer you can’t go far wrong with any of these bad boys! Get stuck in!

10th. Shiso Burger

Something completely different to all other burgers you’ve ever had. This is where American food meets Japanese in a way that could only happen in Berlin. The burgers are pretty healthy and all the toppings and sides are so unique this makes it a brilliant experience.


9th. Room 77

The place on the list you will want to come to if you are really really hungry because their portions are absolutely massive. Comfy couches to eat the burgers on and after finishing one you may never leave. To be enjoyed with beer!


8th. Burgermeister

This place is as green as you can get, it used to be a public toilet and it is over 100 years old. Don’t let all that put you off because it is absolutely stunning and they serve epic burgers!



It’s all about the toppings in here and the various sauces and sides meaning you can have so many different options. Incredible big bold flavours and always buzzing.


6th. Schiller Burger

A total of six places across town and their burgers are not only super tasty, quick to be served but seriously well priced with most coming in at about €5-6 but not lacking anything in size!


5th. Tommi’s Burger Joint

Great little burger joint with a really cool story behind them. While they are a chain with restaurants in a few countries it doesn’t feel like that at all and the atmosphere and burgers in here are out of this world. Try the specials for lots of variety.


4th. Rembrandt-Burger

Awesome little spot where they serve burgers in baskets with minimal fuss, great fries and a cosy atmosphere. As you would imagine with the name there is a strong Dutch influence here.


3rd. Berlin Burger International

It started out in 2009 as an old painted up bus but has since grown to become one of the most popular burger spots in Berlin. Their portions are absolutely huge and the range of flavours immense.


2nd. Bunsmobile

The most popular food truck in Berlin. Follow them via their site and social media and always expect new flavours and awesome toppings. Half of the excitement is in seeing where they will pop up next!


1st. The Bird

This American style joint doesn’t come with lots of finesse because it is all about real food for seriously hungry people who want to wash it down with lots of beer. Their burgers are huge, juicy and come served in an English muffin which actually works amazingly well. Toppings are slick and one bit of advice is start with the wings because they are absolutely divine.