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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Burgers To Eat In Oslo


The craft of creating a perfect burger has been receiving renewed attention in recent years, with many European cities witnessing an explosion of fantastic eateries: Oslo has been no exception.

With so many intriguing burgers available in the city these days, we thought we’d compile a ranking of our favourite burgers in Norway’s stunning capital. With so many great beers, milkshakes and juices on offer to complement, you’ll find a burger dining experience to enjoy at any of these establishments!

10. Beach Club

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Beach Club is a long-established burger location in the city, nicely located by the harbour in Aker Brygge with super views. A great place to relax and refuel after a big stroll by the port!


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9. Café Fiasco

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Café Fiasco has achieved renown by providing quality burgers in a place where one wouldn’t automatically expect them to be: Oslo Central Train Station. A handy location to pop in to for a nice, fulfilling bite (the Green Monster with jalapenos is a top draw) with an impressive selection of great beers to boot.


Photo: Cafe Fiasco

8. Aye Aye Club/Tortuga

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Grab a tasty burger among pirate-themed surroundings! Aye Aye Club is a refreshing and energetic spot with a youthful ambiance located within walking distance of most major city sights. Vegan tastes are catered for too – somewhat of a rarity among burger restaurants in Oslo. A wide range of wraps are available too, useful for groups in which everyone isn’t passionate about burgers.


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7. Colonel Mustard

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A quirky, low-key location with lovely, low lighting to suit its quasi-industrial interior. A good selection of beers and an abundance of board games entice eaters to stay on and enjoy the fun atmosphere.


Photo: Colonel Mustard

6. Burger Joint

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Though the restaurant is presented with a starkly minimalist name, Burger Joint’s burgers don’t exactly skimp on presentation, making for a pleasurable dining experience and potentially a good spot for a date. This one is on the fancier side and its prices are a tad more expensive than others on this list.


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5. Grill’s Ville

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A nice, casual spot to grab a great, full-bodied burger in the upscale neighbourhood of Frogner. The signature potetbåter fried potato wedges (literal translation: potato boats) are a treat too!


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4. Munchies

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Munchies has steadily been developing praise by pursuing a upper-grade fast food approach as part of a growing trend in Oslo. Brunch or mid-week is the best time to check this place out, as long queues develop outside on weekends.


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3. Nighthawk Diner

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A hugely popular American-style diner, this restaurant blends self-consciously tacky décor with premium meat and robust buns to make for a fun, filling meal. Despite this somewhat familiar concept, Nighthawk successfully throws up some surprises, like the Aku-Aku burger, which features a host of exotic fruits and scrumptious coleslaw. Thirty minute queues are common during the evening, so plan accordingly.


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2. Døgnvill

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A close second in this list. Døgnvill manages to combine chic surroundings with no nonsense, premium quality burgers. The staff originate from a wide variety of backgrounds and are particularly genial. Oh, and their cocktails are also held in high esteem. Lots to enjoy!


Photo: Dognvill Oslo

1. Illegal Burger

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This well-established venue has for quite some time been considered the best burger in the city, receiving plaudits from both Norwegian and international critics. Gourmet fast food; unbeatable value. Brave the queues!


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