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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Burgers to Eat In Prague In 2015


They serve burgers all over the world and even though it is typically just a simple bap with some meat and a couple of toppings in the middle, they can vary massively in quality. Before the fall of communism, burger restaurants were almost nonexistent in the city. Prague have come so far since the introduction of McDonald’s and now boasts a huge variety of different burger joints.

We thought we’d put them in order and sort the very best ones into a list, so you can enjoy them one by one. We are drooling just sitting here looking at them. Washed down with a glass of coke, a milkshake or a nice cold beer you can’t go far wrong with any of these bad boys! Get stuck in!

10th. Hard Rock Cafe

The kings of the classic American hamburger you really can’t go wrong coming here for a big feast. With a chain that stretches across the globe it’s hard to find faults in what these guys do. Their burgers are massive and delicious as expected and it makes for a great place to start the night with a bunch of friends and cocktails.


9th. Yes Burger

If you want a big, juicy burger with a great variety of toppings, then look no further. Yes Burger works very well for those of you who like to arrive at an eatery absolutely starving. We recommend you try the Mexican Burger – it’s a total game changer. Get in!

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8th. Bejzment

This American themed burger pub is a favourite amongst locals – which is always a good sign. Nosh into one of their famous burgers and enjoy a craft beer from one of the local breweries. Perfect for curing that impossible hangover!

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7th. TGI Friday’s

A big beast of a burger. This super wholesome entry on the list is sure to fill you if you’re willing to spend a little extra than other establishments in Prague. Informal settings, good service and incredible flavour.

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6th. Mozaika Burger & Co.

As the name suggests, these guys do one thing well and that’s burgers. Made with the freshest local ingredients, these burgers are so beautifully layered with tasty toppings. Everything from the beef to veggie options are incredible. Can’t go wrong here.

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5th. Mood

If you’re in a bad mood, this place will quickly whip you back into shape. This stylish burger joint is located inside the boutique hotel Voyage. We recommend you get the signature Mood Classic Burger – it’s off the charts good.

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4th. Café Palanda

We have to admit, the top 4 were difficult to choose between. But if you want some SERIOUS burger porn – Café Palanda will hit the spot. I think we’ll let the photos do the talking (oh my…). Just try not to drool!

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3rd. Jama

Jama first opened its doors in 1994 so it’s so good to see a place like this still going strong, especially during Prague’s foodie revolution of late. Not only do they serve up some of the best burgers in town, they have jazz and blues nights and sports themed evenings during the NFL season. Get in here early as it’s always packed to the rafters.

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2nd. Dish

Coming in at a close second, Dish is a fine burger bistro with a menu that boasts classic burgers. We recommend the classic served on a crispy brioche bun and wash it down with one of their amazing chilled beers. Things don’t get any better than this really.

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1st. The Tavern

Without doubt the best burger in town, The Tavern is a teeny tiny burger bar opposite Riegrovy Sady. Not only do they serve up amazing American-style burgers, but their cocktails are to die for. Great combo eh? Make sure you make a reservation to avoid disappointment cause this place is always super busy. Bonus marks for their delicious curly fries.

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