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20th Dec 2016

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Breakfasts & Brunches In Dublin


We’ve always been known for our ‘all day’ breakfasts but one can’t deny that Dublin is now as well known for it’s epic brunches as it is for its Guinness. So don’t waste anymore time trying to decide where you’re going to go for a sober feast or hangover cure cause we’ve got the ultimate list of breakfasts and brunches in the city right here:


Yes, yes, we may have a bit of an obsession with this place but it’s mainly for these reasons: their coffee is in my opinion the best coffee in Ireland, their branding is in a league of it’s own and their food is not to be overlooked – come here early at the weekend and you’ll be treated to colossal portions of food that is full of flavour. 3FE is always busy but the queue moves fast and the communal seating means tables turn nice and quick without wasting space.

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Farmer Browns

It can sometimes be hard to strike the balance when going for food with a group of friends – some people just want brekkie and others might want a massive feed to cure their delicate heads. The solution? Come to Farmer Browns – they’ve a nice offering to suit every palette from eggs Benedict to burgers.

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Probably responsible for being *one of the first* places in the city to start serving brunch, Herbstreet has been as popular since the day it opened its doors. And the best thing? They’ve a nice large outdoor area that sits on the waterfront that seems to always be a sun trap. You’ll feel like you’re a thousand miles away from the city centre life here.

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The Greenery @ Lennox

These guys run a tight ship and seem to be expanding faster than imaginable for independent restauranteurs. The Greenery in Donnybrook is a familiar stop for most on the weekends but it’s their little sister down in the old Lennox in Portobello that deserves a shout out. Perfect for a quick breakfast/brunch at the weekends with friends and family their menu boasts some seriously tasty food with a healthy twist.

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San Lorenzo’s

If you’re looking to indulge early on the weekend, look no further. San Lorenzo’s can be described (and is) as a modern Italian, NYC style. Some say this is the #bestbrunchindublin and I’m finding it hard to argue that myself. They do the most incredible lobster Benedict, cocktails and obscure (but incredible) desserts we’ve ever tasted. Get in.

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Known for their steaks, don’t dismiss Bear when it comes to a good brunch. They’ve a brilliantly varied menu with all produce locally sourced which makes it super fresh. We recommend the ‘spuntino egg’ or the gammon steak… the only thing is the menu should come with a warning cause the portion sizes are fit for burly rugby players!


Whitefriar Grill

This place always booked out. And the reason? Pretty simple really – the guys running the place are some of the nicest people we’ve ever known, but also their food is top notch with best sellers huevos rancheros and lobster hash making waves across the city… AND their cocktails ridiculously good for curing the hangover and the fear. Just make sure you save room for the waffles at the end okay?

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Slice Cafe

If you’re in the market for a little slice of heaven – come here. Our favourite time is during the week when it’s not so busy and we get a few minutes away from the office. Slice have gained their name for being the leaders in serving up the healthier options for brekkie – making it the perfect way to start your day. And if you’re feeling like you deserve a treat – a slice of any of their cakes will send you straight to cloud nine.

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The Fumbally Cafe

The Fumbally is another perfect breakfast place. This dog and kid friendly cafe (that should come with a hipster warning) serves up amazing food made with simple recipes. The Fumbally Eggs are to die for and will really set you up for the day. They use 3FE coffee too so you just can’t go wrong here.


Sister Sadie

Little sister of big Brother Hubbard, Sister Sadie is favourite for us for breakfast or meetings. We guarantee you’ll leave feeling like you’re ready to take on the world. You’ll find it hard to fault the place.


The Old Spot

Scenario: it’s Sunday, yourself and your better half wake up and you’re both absolutely marvin. Get down to The Old Spot on Bath Ave. and order a roast to share. Now here’s the special bit – you get 20% off the bill at the end if you pop your phones in a jar for the entire meal. That’s right – no photos, no Whatsapp, Twitter or Snapchat, just a pure 1990’s style dining experience. A very rare opportunity indeed.

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Coppinger Row

Two words – boozy brunch. It’s done so well here. Order any type of cocktail (or three) you desire and get stuck into their epic menu. And if you’re not in the mood for a full meal, just share a cheese and / meat board with a nice bottle of white. ‘Nuff said.

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Honest To Goodness

You’ll never meet nicer people running an establishment in town. Many a morning has been started here, ordering the full-Irish with no regrets. This modern restaurant really lives up to its name – using only the freshest and healthiest ingredients in all their dishes. They bake all the bread on site and their open kitchen offers a good insight into the fresh, quick prep of your meal.

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Based in the centre of the popular foodie village of Ranelagh, Dillingers does the modern American diner so well. Come here at the weekend with a raging hangover and you’ll end up leaving feeling amazing after a good feed. Their bloody Marys are pretty awesome too!

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Forest Avenue

Slightly higher price point than the rest on the list but don’t let this deter you when deciding on a brunch venue at the weekend. Forest Avenue is one of Dublin’s best restaurants and you’ll fall head over heels for this place for it’s amazing presentation alone. Perfect for a special occasion.



Last but not least, Brookwood deserves a spot on this list for it’s incredible meat – don’t come here ordering a salad. This New York style restaurant serves up some exceptional dishes. Ideal for a big group of friends who want to indulge in great wine and a big roast at the weekend for a reasonable price.


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