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20th Dec 2016

Top Oslo Bars You Need To Visit In 2015


Oslo is known for being a sophisticated and cultured city, but its classy, cosmopolitan bar scene has flown somewhat under the radar for a couple of years. With this in mind, we’ve decided to make a list of the ten best bars in the city right now! These choices represent a range of types of bar though – Norwegians are also fun loving people and they have some amazingly entertaining bars to match. Enjoy!

Colonel Mustard

With a sizeable summer terrace and a lovely, cavernous interior (and plenty of board games!), this place caters for a range of experiences!



Another hip, fun bar which attracts a youthful crowd. Their shuffleboard game is a big draw. This isn’t a gimmicky bar however – their drinks menu is one of the best around and while the setting is full of novelty elements, it doesn’t feel forced.



Sensual surroundings and lively staff make this a special nightlife experience. Though it’s a classy looking spot, it’s not too expensive or exclusive by any means. Happy hour draws an animated crowd.


Underwater Pub

Submerge yourself in the mysterious space of Underwater pub – surely one of Oslo’s most inventively designed bars. This place really thinks outside the box (opera nights, anyone?) and is rightly considered one of the city’s finest.

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Crow Bar

With its funky décor and impressive range of quality craft beers, Crowbar is easily one of the most fun places to head for a few drinks in the city!



A classier spot than others on this list, champagne is one of this place’s specialities. While it’s more expensive than most bars in the city, it provides value for money if you’re willing to spend. This bar combines sophistication and fun to great success!

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This is an extremely homey spot! It’s a bar lover’s bar, which means no music, comfortable seating and a fantastic beer selection.



If you’re a true music fan, Blå is definitely a place you’ll want to check out. Whether its jazz, funk, dance and something a bit more alternative, this spot never lets you down. The crowd here is refined but unpretentious.



Contrary to its name, there’s nothing but the most positive vibes to be had here. This place has a dive bar feel to it but doesn’t get caught up in trying to be anything too particular. Popping in here when hopping around a few bars is definitely advised.

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Mekaniske Verksted

This place attracts a great, lively crowd. Its toned down décor, cosy interior and a fun outdoor seating area attracts a host of interesting locals. The long table design additionally encourages conversation between groups and the beer is always tasty and fulfilling. This place is a must!