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01st Nov 2018

Ryanair’s New Baggage Rules Come Into Effect Today – Here’s What You Need To Know

Kiara Keane

Ryanair’s new baggage rules are coming into effect today so make sure you’re in the know before you head off on your next trip.

Back in January the airline announced that everyone could bring a ‘personal’ bag on board for free, along with a larger bag weighing up to 10kg which would be put into the hold on arrival at the gate.

But Ryanair said this resulted in frequent delays, with up to 120 bags being tagged at the gate before each flight, so they announced a new set of rules back in September.

From today, passengers will have to pay €8 to check in a 10kg bag and a larger case weighing up to 20kg will cost €25, or sometimes more depending on the route and season.

Anyone who pays for priority boarding will still be able to bring a ‘personal’ bag on board, as well as their 10kg suitcase.

If you do turn up to the gate with a larger bag and try to bring it on board without paying the priority fee, you’ll be charged €25 to have it put into the hold.

Ryanair confirmed it will be waiving that charge for the month of November while people get used to all the changes.

However, the new priority boarding rule has been causing issues for the past few months – because if everyone is using the priority queue to board the plane, it’s not really a priority queue any more.

The website states, ‘Main benefits of this new policy will be reduced flight delays and cheaper checked bag option.

‘Pack more liquids into a 10kg checked wheelie bag. Walk to the boarding gate hands free.’

You can read the full details of the new luggage policy here.

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