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12 Gorgeous Waterfalls In Ireland You Need To Visit Before You Die

Who's up for visiting one of these beauts?

When you think waterfalls, you think of exotic and distant lands — but Ireland does have 'em too, you know.

On our quest to discover the prettiest little parts of Ireland that may have escaped your attention, we're turned our focus on the waterfalls of our island.

And we've more of these natural formations than you might have thought.

Some are spectacular, some more low-key, but they're all worth the trip.

1. Glencar, Leitrim

Glencar Leitrim

2. Torc, Kerry

Torc Waterfall

3. Aasleagh Falls, Galway-Mayo border

Aasleagh Falls

4. Assaranca, Donegal


5. Glenmacnass, Wicklow

Glenmacnass Wicklow

6. Glenevin, Donegal

Glenevin Donegal

7. Kilfane, Kilkenny

8. Mahon Falls, Waterford

Mahon Falls Waterford

9. Powerscourt, Wicklow

Powerscourt Waterfall

10. Tourmakeady, Mayo

Tourmakeady Mayo

11. Glenbarrow, Laois

Glenbarrow Laois

12. Clare Glens, Tipperary-Limerick border

Clare Glens

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