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07th Sep 2018

One Of Ireland’s Airports Has Been Voted The Most Scenic Landing In The World


It’s no secret that our gorgeous little island boasts some of the most spectacular views we’ve ever seen.

And it seems we’re not the only ones who think so, as one of Ireland’s very own airports has taken the top spot on the list of the most scenic landings at an airport.

After coming in second place last year, Donegal Airport has officially been voted the most scenic landing in the world, beating the likes of Miami, London, Nice and Toronto.

And after looking at the video below, it’s obvious why it scooped the title. Just LOOK at those stunning views.

Private jet booking service PrivateFly conducted the poll, in which travel experts ranked a number of airports in terms of their landings.

The full list of the top 10 scenic airports in the world are as follows:

1. Donegal Airport (Ireland)

2. Barra Airport (Scotland)

3. Nice Airport (France)

4. Queenstown Airport (New Zealand)

5. Saba Airport (Netherlands Antilles)

6. Orlando Melbourne International Airport (USA

7. Toronto Billy Bishop (Canada)

8. London City Airport (England)

9. St Maarten (Netherlands Antilles)

10. Miami Airport (USA)

Commenting on the results of the poll, Donegal Airport’s marketing manager Pauline Sweeney said: “We’re happy out!”

She added: “We’re so proud to have Donegal Airport on the global stage, so a huge thanks goes out to everyone who took the time to vote.”

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