Ireland welcomes a new museum dedicated to all things death

By Katy Thornton

June 19, 2023 at 4:45pm


Adding to Waterford's wealth of museums.

The Irish Wake Museum opened over the weekend in Waterford, and it offers insight into a very niche topic.

This new museum focuses on all things related to death, tracing customs, traditions, and superstitions associated with it from the earliest times to the 20th century.

The location for the new museum has a lot of meaning behind it; according to Waterford Treasures,

"The Irish Wake Museum located at what was the former Dean John Collyn’s Almshouse, a Retirement Home for old people, called ‘God’s People’s House’ was founded in 1478 on All Souls Day, 2nd November, the Day of the Dead. The occupants of the former Alms Houses paid for their keep by praying three times a night for the souls of its patrons and the souls of the deceased citizens of Waterford."


The Irish Wake Museum is home to all kinds of objects associated with death in Ireland, collected over the past 10 years, and offer visitors a complete picture of our death and funeral rituals as a nation.

A guided tour will last 50 minutes and costs €11 per person. In keeping with the spirit of the founders of the Almshouse Waterford Treasures will donate €1 from each admission ticket to the Waterford Hospice Movement.

It should also be noted given the nature of the museum that some people may find the content upsetting; as a result the Irish Wake Museum is not suitable for those under 14 years of age.

Header image via Instagram / Waterford Treasures



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