There's A GIN HOTEL In The UK And We're Booking A Flight There Right Now


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Gin is one of the greatest parts of being alive - and now there's a hotel which shares the opinion.

In fact, The Distillery is the UK's FIRST gin hotel.

Although it involves a flight and there should clearly be one of these here in Ireland already we are totally fine with spending a weekend over there.

"Of all the Gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine"

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Standing at 186 Portobello Road in London, the four-floor mecca says it's only for "the discerning drinker" - and these images from The Distillery London show how stunning it is inside.

The building actually houses a working distillery in the centre of the UK capital, but as the home of Portobello Road gin, it also houses a gin-blending experience called The Ginstitute, two bars, a private dining room, and three guest lodgings.

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It's all in the details...

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It explains: "Nestled on the top floor of The Distillery in the heart of Notting Hill are, West London’s worst kept secret: three rooms for you to lodge in for an evening or two so you can wake to the hustle and bustle of Portobello Road’s world famous market surrounded by an area rich in history and culture."

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And before you tuck into bed, you can hang out in the ground floor bar The Resting Room, try and immersive gin history session at The Ginstitute and try worldwide gins from the second-floor GinTonica bar.

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