This Handy Map Reveals The Best Beaches, Walks And Hikes Around Ireland

In need of a bit of fresh air?

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Sundays aren't meant for staying cooped up indoors, eating junk food and binging on Netflix... that's what weekdays are for!

On your precious days of freedom from work, you should be taking every opportunity to get out there and enjoy some of the many natural wonders that we in Ireland are so lucky to have within easy reach.

If you need a little inspiration for this weekend's adventure, we'd suggest you take a look at this handy map created by Energia, which highlights the best beaches, walks and hikes that can found on this little island of ours.  

The illustration features spots like North Down Coastal Path, Boorin Nature Reserve and the stunning Cuilcagh Mountain Trail.

Will you be heading to any of these spots this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

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