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05th Dec 2017

This Is How Often Irish People Holidayed Across The Border Last Year


Northern Ireland is a great place to visit, but it seems we tend to just nip over for day trips or shopping rather than holidays. 

Holidaymakers from the Republic took just 3% of their overnight trips north of the border last year, a new report has revealed. 

The weakening of sterling, higher VAT and a lack of “must see” attractions in the North have contributed to a decline over the past few years, according to Tourism NI. 

“Northern Ireland is consistently outperformed by Republic of Ireland on most of the key motivating short break activities (shopping, nightlife, enjoying the natural environment, engaging with locals).

“Importantly, Republic of Ireland consumers rate Republic of Ireland as offering better places to eat and stay – two key drivers of decision-making in choice of a short break destination.

“In essence, Northern Ireland faces a more mature and strong key competitor in Republic of Ireland.”

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