This Is Officially THE Cheapest Holiday Destination Of 2018

We know where we're going...


Christmas is over, there's absolutely nothing to do, and we're feckin' broke.

Personally, we couldn't think of any better way to cheer ourselves up than by booking an impromptu holiday, but funds aren't on our side.

Lucky for us, Hoppa have revealed the cheapest holiday destination for 2018, and it sounds unreal.

Taking food, drink, accommodation, taxis fares and even unexpected medical costs into consideration, Kiev in Ukraine has proven to be the best holiday destination for anyone counting the pennies.

The folks over at Hoppa calculated that it would cost just £64.79 (€73.41) per night to stay in Kiev and enjoy what the city has to offer.

And for anyone who has been saving hard (fair play to you), or won the lotto, who wants to splash out on a lavish trip, New York City ranked in first place for the most expensive destination.

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