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29th Sep 2023

This stunning Christmas market is just a 3 hour flight from Ireland

Katy Thornton

Truly one of Europe’s most gorgeous cities.

As we get deeper into the colder season now, we may already be sick of the weather conditions of late and contemplating a trip somewhere warmer or more tropical.

Before you book your trip to a place with sunny beaches, TikTok has shown up one place that might make you reevaluate how you feel about cold weather.

One user has been recommending and raving about one European Christmas market situated in the heart of Poland in the city of Krakow that looks and sounds absolutely worth the teeth-chattering weather, with over 3 million people in agreement.

We may have lifestyle influencer Maddison Wood to thank for our Christmas city break this year, as her previous visit to Krakow brought awareness to how truly beautiful Krakow is and how incredible a day of shopping in the market is.

Krakow Christmas Market is a festive throve located on the Rynek Glowny, a 13th-century square in the centre of the old town.

The winter wonderland is decorated with rows upon rows of pop-up stalls lit up by fairy lights, with Christmas warmers such as mulled wines and spices to get you fully in the mood for the holidays.

Merchants in timber huts at the markets sell a variety of the perfect gifts for loved ones, with everything from ornate crystal decoration to seasonal wares, as well as a section of Polish foods to help you immerse yourself in the culture.

Main Market Square of Krakow decorated for Christmas

If you require further reasons to put this city on your bucket list, here they come.

Krakow is less than three hours from Ireland, and it’s one of the most affordable cities you can visit in Europe, meaning your well-earned cash goes a lot further in a city like this.

This year, the market will set up shop on November 24th and run until January 1st, 2024, and the city will also see its very own ice rink in December called Ice Park Jordana, which you’ll find located in the east of the city.

The average temperature in Krakow during November is around 3 degrees, while December can see temperatures drop as low as -1.

So while there may be cold cheeks, there will be warm bellies and memories.

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