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22nd Nov 2019

You Can Live Like Royalty On Your South American Adventure At These Quirky And Affordable Apartments

James Fenton

When you hear the word ‘Copacabana’, you’ll most likely immediately think of the bustling beach in Rio De Janeiro, one of the most famous tourist sites in South America. All while humming the Barry Manilow classic of the same name, of course.

Well, I’m here to tell you something that will change the way you think about word association games forever. The Brazilian Copacabana is not even the best Copacabana in South America. Crazy, I know.

If it’s a peaceful stay in a breathtaking location is what you’re looking for then you best include Copacabana in Bolivia in your South American itinerary. Located on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the town is the perfect pitstop to recharge the batteries as you make your way across the continent.

After a few weeks of slumming it in crowded hostels, this is the perfect opportunity to loosen the purse strings a little and treat yourself to something a little more comfortable. Las Olas is exactly what you’re looking for in this department.

Upon arrival, the quirky buildings give off an almost cartoonish vibe, with houses of various shapes and sizes dotted around the grounds. You can choose which one you want to stay in via the website and your choice will very much depend on whether you’re a snail person, a turtle person or you just like the look of the private garden.

That’s right, each house has its own grassy area in which you can chill out, listen to the birds, interact with a few llamas or whatever it is you feel like doing. They all have stunning views over the lake below and there’s even a jacuzzi which you can book at the front desk.

As for the houses themselves, as soon as you turn the key you’ll have a broad smile on your face as you look around and scan the room. Just like the outside, the interiors all have their own unique style, adding to the charm of Las Olas. Generally though, the bed is the main focus of the room with a large window allowing for the sun to gently wake you up for another day in paradise.

If you get bored of sitting outside, spread yourself out on the indoor hammock or get the fire going once nighttime hits. All of the houses have outdoor hammocks as well, along with deckchairs so whatever your preferred method of relaxation is, Las Olas has you covered.

As for the price, it varies depending on which house you choose but you’re generally looking at between 50 and 100 dollars per night, split between your party. Of course, budget constraints will likely mean you won’t exactly be looking to spend a week here but if you’re with your other half or a small group of mates, you won’t regret spending a few quid for three or four nights of luxury.

Copacabana is the height of tranquility with a number of lovely walks and waterbased activities to partake in. It’s a great spot to break up a backpacking trip before moving on to Bolivia’s salt flats or the Machu Picchu trek.

Once you’ve been, this is the only Copacabana you’ll ever think of again. More information on Las Olas can be found here.

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