27 Signs You're Addicted To Travel


If you find yourself completely consumed by the urge to travel then you are more than likely affected by wanderlust. You might also find that you have an innate flare for travel and exploration and you are that friend that always seems to be abroad discovering new cities and places you've never been before. So we decided to put together this list - and if you find yourself ticking off every single point, then you are clearly addicted to travel!!!

1. You don't mind waiting in airports or train stations

2. Long haul flights and journeys don't phase you - it's all part of the discovery

3. You're always planning your next trip

4. You own a professional camera

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5. You have various currencies knocking around every pocket and suitcase you own

6. You don't choose a destination, the flight deals decide that for you!

7. You're a pro at the airport - especially at security

8. You're a pro packer - you can fit a month's worth of clothes into a tiny bag

9. Any free time you have, you're jetting away

10. The thought of only going away once a year is totally unbearable

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11. You have friends in every continent in across the globe

12. You have Skyscanner and various other flight scanning apps downloaded onto your smartphone so you can dream of your next trip anytime, anywhere!

13. You love travelling solo

14. You closely follow travel bloggers and fellow adventurers on Instagram

15. You never fully unpack cause you're always off again

16. Your passport is covered in various visas and stamps

17. You don't queue to board a flight - don't people know it's assigned seating?!

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18. You work to fund your next trip

19. You would never dream of clapping when a plane lands safely

20. Jet lag is a way of life

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21. Your home is littered with memorabilia from all over the world

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22. You've frequent flier status on most airlines

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23. You can say hello, thank you, order drinks and even curse in several languages

24. The flight attendants recognise you

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25. You're subscribed to every airline's newsletter

26. Every single story starts with "when I was in..."

27. You (annoyingly) refer to airports by their codes not names

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