9 Street Foods In Melbourne That You Must Try Before You Die

Street food is amazing. Here are 9 in Melbourne that will change your life.


1. Spanish Donuts


These fluffy donuts are drenched in icing sugar or chocolate and is a must-try street food.

Twitter: @spanishdonuts

2. Taco Truck


What you see is what you get. Fresh, cheap and yummy Mexican tacos.

Twitter: @tacotruckmelb

3. Mum Mum Asian Street Food


This little restaurant serves street food. Dishing up authentic Thai tastes and incorporating hints of Vietnam, China and Laos.

Twitter: @MumMumSt

4. Mr Burger


With burgers ranging from classic meat to bacon and vegetarian too these guys have got you covered.


5. Lil’ Nomnoms


Serving up Vietnamese street food such as banh bao, banh mi, and bun cha, you'll definitely want to track these guys down!

Twitter: @lilnomnoms

6. Snag Stand

Located just outside Melbourne Central Station, Snag Stand is the place to go for an American Classic, German Bratwurst or Spicy Spanish Chorizo.

Twitter: @snagstand

7. Greek Street Food

Serving all the classic flavours such as chicken, lamb and falafel. This place is just amazing!

Twitter: @gsfoodau

8. Gumbo Kitchen


Gumbo Kitchen is a Cajun lovers’ heaven. Pulled pork, deep fried shrimp and buffalo fried chicken. This is the place to go if you're looking for a taste of the south!

Twitter: @GumboKitchen

9. South Melbourne Market Dim Sims


South Melbourne Market Dim Sims are kind of a big deal. These guys will take care of your foodie needs and even more.

Twitter: @sthmelbmarket

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