The Top 10 Hipster Bars In New York

If you shun mainstream bars and cultural norms then you might just find yourself in one of these hipster hangouts


There's no denying that the word hipster has almost completely lost its meaning but it can still be used to differentiate parts of New York that you won't find a tourist or white-collar Wall Streeters frequenting. In fact, we've got to give the hipsters of New York some credit (as I have done before) for setting trends that have literally reached the four corners of the globe. And these trends are most prevalent in every day culture through hospitality, music and fashion.

So with that said, we've decided to make a list of the top 10 hipster bars in New York so you too can experience the hype of these adopters of new culture or simply avoid the dozens of ghastly tourist traps.

10. Luckydog

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If you're knocking around these parts of Brooklyn you can't go wrong with this watering hole. We suggest you head down here during the week to get the best experience. They've an awesome juke box which is one of the main reasons why people love heading here. Well, that and the little patio area outside which is perfect for chilling out on - especially if you've brought your four-legged friend with you!


9. Home Sweet Home

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This low key basement bar in Manhattan's Lower East Side kind of looks like an old bachelor from the 70's tried to decorate his pad and has little knick-knacks all over the place with random stuffed animals placed randomly around the space. Besides the odd decor, you'll find yourself sitting in a pretty cosy bar that comes alive after-hours. They've music on pretty much every night of the week so head down here whenever and you won't be disappointed.


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8. Pearls

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This chilled neighbourhood spot in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn will tick all of your hipster requests - cocktails in mason jars, vintage decor and good music. It's the perfect place to head to just to hang out and catch up with friends. Plus they let people bring their dogs in here - what's not to love?!


7. Cake Shop

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Ambience - 100% hipster. This live music and performance venue is always hopping. The best nights to go are Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. And if you don't fancy a beer then you can just hang out drinking teas and coffees and eating cake while the madness goes on around you. That's the thing about Cake Shop, that diversity is totally accepted which leaves everyone feeling pretty satisfied.


6. The Commodore

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You'll find the Commodore tucked away in the trendy Williamsburg. I might as well continue to overuse the word hipster and this place is totally hipstered out of it from top to bottom. They're known for their pretty epic food (everyone is obsessed with their fried chicken) as well as being a popular hangout to wash down a few beers with mates and hang around the pinball machine. The staff are also known for being super-engaging so you'll leave here with a fairly impressive all-round experience.


5. 169 Bar

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This bar is so trendy they couldn't even be bothered to build a proper website... or set up a Facebook but they do have a fairly inactive Twitter account (they last tweeted about blue crabs in July 2011). But don't let this lack of effort deter you... you're guaranteed to have a fulfilled time in 169 Bar - it has a bunch of plants and palm trees and little lights everywhere and a pool table in the back that's leopard print! Rarr!


4. Welcome To The Johnson's

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These guys are so popular they have two outlets - one in the LES and the other in Brooklyn. We're talking about the one in LES today as it's the favourite of the two for sure. There's a juke box and a pool table which are always in use. Their drinks prices are pretty decent too. The bathrooms are graffitied to an insane point!


3. Union Pool

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Bunch of live music here and they've a big outdoor space. And like many places that consider themselves far from social norms - they actually have a taco truck out the back so when you think you've drank enough craft beer you can soak it all up with some pretty good tacos.


2. Ace Hotel

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The bar in the lobby here is basically packed to the rafters with handle bar moustache's and fixie bike owners. You'll get your fill of hipster drinks too - choose from a range of craft beers and Stumptown coffee (get in line early in the morning though). Anyone that goes here regularly will tell you it's the perfect spot for people watching.


1. Kinfolk 94

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When you walk in here for the first time you fall in love with everything. The design is absolutely gorgeous - and far from its rivals in terms of finishings. The drinks are competitively priced for New York and the staff are incredibly friendly. Have we a bad word to say about the place? Nope. Okay so, get yourselves down here ASAP.


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