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15th Aug 2018

PIC: Someone Spelt This Rude Joke In Stones On The Side Of Croagh Patrick

Darragh Berry

We don’t have many All-Ireland football medals, we don’t have any big city but what we do have is some lovely scenery.

The views from Ireland up the side of any old mountain are normally unreal but the scope from the top of Croagh Patrick is just unreal.

Looking over the top of Clew Bay, it’s the most picturesque sight in the whole of Ireland.

Sure, the climb is strenuous but if St. Patrick can do it for 40 days and 40 nights and say nothing to nobody, surely you can do it on your ease while taking 23 breaks along the way.

If you’ve climbed Croagh Patrick, you’ll know that the stones are an absolute killer. They’re sore on your feet, they’re loose and when they come tumbling down, they are the most frightening sight in the world.

But as dangerous as they are, these sacred stones should not be touched. Especially to spell out a rude phrase like this one.


Reddit user irishnywledmlg, shared this on the site and we’re not going to lie we had to look it up.

Apparently, when you see that (unless you know the joke already) you’ll say what’s Ligma to which someone can reply ‘Ligma balls’, which apparently caught loads of climbers out in Mayo today.

Poor auld St. Patrick will be turning in his grave.

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