PIC: Is This The Worst Irish Breakfast Roll You've Ever Seen?

Surely this is against the law or something?

Breakfast Roll Dub Airport

The Irish Breakfast roll is as important to Ireland as Michael D Higgins, Bono and Croke Park.

Who would have thought that combining all the ingredients needed for a fry and shoving it into a piece of bread would bring such happiness to so many people.

A breakfast roll doesn't have to be for breakfast, you can get your hands on that baby whenever you want it.

You can go full hog and do a Pat Shortt on it and get two of everything or you can just take it easy: a few saussies here, a rasher and pudding there.

There's an art to getting all the pieces to stay in the roll but if some fall out, we don't complain, we just scoop it back in and carry on.

But, we spotted this disaster on Reddit and surely this must be breaking some sort of crime.

Reddit user eastawhat said that they ordered a breakfast roll at Dublin Airport's Terminal 2 only to get a sort of 'DIY' version.

An empty roll, the contents left looking sad on the plate beside it while not even as much as butter is spread on the breakfast roll.

Dublin Airport Roll 2

The user went on to say that the "roll was stale too. And there was an extra charge for ketchup of course," before someone added that it was quite possible that the user paid as much as €10 for the roll.

Excuse us while we stand out in the rain and cry.

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