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18th Nov 2020

10 of the best places to get a hot chocolate in Galway

Sarah Finnan

hot chocolate in Galway

Hot chocolate in Galway? Count me in.

*Updated March 10 2021

I really believe that wrapping your hands around a cup of something hot has healing properties. Tea, coffee, soup. It’s comforting and warming all at once. Not to mention delicious.

Each of the above has its own niche; tea to accompany some biccies, coffee to wake you up, soup for a spot of lunch. There is one that trumps all though.

Adaptable to any meal and time of day, a ‘hug in a mug’ if you will – there’s nothing quite like a steaming cup of cocoa (as our friends across the water put it) to cheer you up on a miserable winter day.

Galway has some very fine food and drink establishments, many of which serve up decadent, chocolatey beverages to rival the best of them.

If you’re in the market for a cup of something hot, then look no further because below you’ll find 10 of the best spots to get a hot chocolate in Galway.

Espresso 44

My absolute favourite hot chocolate in all of Galway can be found within the hallowed walls of Espresso 44.

A friend of mine introduced me to coconut milk hot chocolate and it is REVOLUTIONARY. Honestly, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. I wouldn’t consider myself to be the biggest coconut fan but one cup of this and I’ve been converted. Make it a mocha for the added caffeine buzz.

Cupán Tae

Without doubt one of the most adorable cafes in Galway, the delicate, patterned teacups really add to the experience. Unfortunately not part of the package these days, given level 5 restrictions, but something to look forward to once ‘normality’ returns.

In a strange turn of events, Cupán Tae has revealed that they like to make their hot choc with tea. Intriguing…

Urban Grind

A much-loved spot amongst coffee connoisseurs, Urban Grind is perched down in Galway’s West End. Home to many a delicious bake, their hot choc offerings are also up there as some of the city’s best. A cuppa and an almond croissant will have you happy dancing in no time… even if the weather doesn’t necessarily make you feel like it.–vWJ6ko/

Hazel Mountain Chocolate

Bean to bar chocolate makers, Hazel Mountain Chocolate is Ireland’s first and only factory and their hot chocolate is heavenly. Buy online to make at home or call in on your daily 5km loop – we promise it won’t disappoint.  May as well add in a few of their handmade truffles too, wouldn’t want their chocolatier’s hard work to go to waste, now would we?


Not my first time to rave about Java’s. A hot chocolate and a crepe may not be the answer to all of life’s ails, but happy bellies lead to happy humans so consider it a good start.

Good days, bad days, I’ve spent them all at Java’s – celebrating the end of exams, pre-Christmas pick-me-up, housemate dessert night: it’s a one treat fits all kinda place.


Everyone and their mother knows that McCambridge’s is the ultimate people-watching spot in Galway.

Their famous outdoor seating area has gone into hibernation for the time being but a cuppa hot chocolate as you pass by should keep you going until such time that it returns.

The Jungle Café

I only really discovered the Jungle Café when I was in final year of college, which is a crying shame, I know.

Masters of atmosphere, the decor really makes you feel like you’re in the rainforest…the Irish weather certainly does not, but hey you can’t win them all.

Finding a photo of their hot chocs was surprisingly difficult, so enjoy this snap of two cappuccinos instead.

Ground + Co

Ground + Co’s sister café, Mr Waffle is too close to the NUIG campus. WAY too close.

I say this because it was far too easy to convince me to tip over for a hot chocolate and a waffle in between classes (*read: blow off lectures to go for a catch up). Well worth the visit though – these guys know chocolate (in all its fine forms). So whichever café you call out to, you’re sure to be well taken care of.


Butlers and chocolate go hand in hand really. The place is a chocoholic’s dream and with so many different options to choose from, you’re bound to find one that takes your fancy. From white chocolate to chilli, peppermint and praline. Is a hot chocolate per walk excessive? Perhaps, but anything to keep spirits high these days.


Hot chocolate made from real Belgian chocolate buttons is the key to any cup that is really worth its salt. Pure indulgence but sometimes that’s absolutely necessary. Self-described “experts in all things sweet and savoury”, I’d recommend a slice of something freshly baked for the road too.

Where’s your fave hot chocolate in Galway?

Header image via Instagram/Cupan Tae/Espresso 44

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