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09th Jun 2022

Birdhouse opens new ‘gourmet’ hot dog venture in Galway

Katy Thornton

birdhouse doghouse galway

Can you teach an old bird dog tricks…

Nope, that’s not how it goes. But all the same, Birdhouse in Galway are moving on from wings and into the hot dog sphere with new venture Doghouse. Doghouse officially launched on June 3rd at Pálás Cinema in Galway, just a six minute walk away from Birdhouse.

They took to the Birdhouse Instagram to announce their new hot dog venture:

From Friday June 3rd, you can get your hands on custom gourmet Hot Dogs with a choice of sauces and an abundance of colourful garnishes along with delectable sides.”

Co-owners and husband and wife Fraser and Orla Scott have many years experience in food hospitality, saying, “we believe we have brought new ideas to the food scene in Galway, born and bred in the lockdown years, and can’t wait to serve a wider audience at Pálás. It’s perfect casual food for the bar and a pre or post cinema treat!

Gourmet hotdogs are the new cinema snack of choice and we’re here for it. Especially when they’re customisable.

Doghouse opens Wednesdays and Thursdays 5pm to 10pm, Fridays 3pm to 10pm, and Saturdays and Sundays 1pm to 10pm.

Header image via Instagram/palascinema

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