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18th Feb 2020

Eight spots to get your pancake fix in Galway

Sarah Finnan

Pancakes are my lifeblood.

Seriously, they’re up there as one of my favourite things in the world. Partly because they’re so tasty, partly because they’re so easy to make and require minimal ingredients and partly because they’re so adaptable – sweet or savoury, you can also eat them at any time of the day.

Sunday mornings in my house are spent making pancakes, a tradition that dates back to when I was only a smally and my parents would stick on some opera (fierce cultured I know) and whip up a fat stack for breakfast.

More often than not, picking a place for brunch – another one of my favourite things in the world – comes down to whether pancakes are on the menu or not. Sometimes I go rogue and order eggs benny or the millennial dream that is avocado toast, but I still like the comfort of knowing pancakes are on offer all the same.

Galway is a goldmine for tasty brunch spots, 99.9 per cent of which serve pancakes (yay!) and I’ve rounded up a few of my faves below.

Corrib House Tea Rooms

I reckon Corrib House has some of the most glorious pancakes in all of Galway. I’ve raved about them to almost everyone I know, they’re that good. What makes them so special? Hard to put my finger on it but the thick, fluffy consistency is definitely a contributing factor.

Best pancakes in Galway

I managed to convince practically my whole table to get the pancakes on my last visit.

Ard Bia

Ard Bia is synonymous with brunch in Galway, and their pancakes would give even those at Corrib House a run for their money. They serve theirs up with berry coulis and a drizzling of syrup but it’s the mascarpone whip that seals the deal. Think soft, whipped butter but sweet – basically buttercream. Ard Bia really put the cake in pancake.

Ard Bia pancakes


Another regular on the must-hit brunch spots in Galway, some of our own even reckon it’s the best out west. Definitely a strong contender, I will say this – their pancakes are pretty damn good. They have two options (as you can see below) but the butterscotch ones with glazed walnuts and orange segments win for me every time.

Mr Waffle

Chocolate lovers will tell you that Mr Waffle is the only spot for your fix in Galway, and I’d tend to agree with them. With the word “waffle” in the name, it might seem criminal to order anything else but I’ll just let their banana and Nutella pancakes speak for themselves. Make sure you’re hungry because there’s plenty to fill your belly with here.

Jungle Café

I often forget that the Jungle Café also does food – a rookie mistake, I know. One of the coolest spots to chill out in Galway, a stack of pancakes would only make the experience yet more enjoyable still. I definitely didn’t make enough use of this place when I lived in Galway… time for a trip back I think.


An Instagrammer’s dream, the duck egg blue interior is all sorts of interiors goals. And their coffee is seriously good. I’d often call in on my way to work to grab a cup to go. Did doing so make me late? Usually. Was it worth it? Yes.

Though I’ve never had the pancakes here (I usually opt for the pesto/poached eggs/sourdough combo – very good if you’re asking), I have it on good authority that they’re a solid choice.


A bar and gin parlour, Hyde is also known for its tasty brunch offerings. Another one with stunning decor, this place is as about the setting as it is about the food. Definitely one for if you’d prefer a cocktail over a coffee. Anything goes at brunch.


I know you’re SICK of me writing about Java’s at this stage, and I respect that, I do. But (there’s always a but), this is a pancake guide after all, and crepes are similar to pancakes… therefore Java’s had to feature. That’s just how it is. We all know Java’s has my heart, and pretty soon it will have yours too.

Pancakes in Galway

Other solid pancake joints include (limited pictures but don’t let that stop you from checking them out) Ground + Co in Salthill, 56 Central, the Lighthouse Vegetarian Café and Tribeton. You’ll be eating pancakes for weeks… no complaints though.

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