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07th Aug 2020

Seven ways to make the most of the sunshine in Galway this weekend

Sarah Finnan


Make hay while the sun shines. That’s how the saying goes, but there are actually plenty of other ways to enjoy that good summer sun would you believe. Irish weather is unpredictable at the best of times, but that only makes us appreciate the break in the rain all the more.

No doubt you’re all well aware of my grá for Galway by now, but Galway in the sunshine is something else – it would give any foreign holiday destination a run for its money let me tell you. Below you’ll find x of the best ways to make the most of the good weather and carpe diem your weekend.

Go for a swim

This may be an obvious one but there’s much to be said for a good sea swim – rain, hail or shine. Ireland is blessed with the best when it comes to beaches and swimming spots so anywhere you choose to go is sure to hit the mark… hard to beat Salthill though. Jumping off Blackrock Diving Tower is a rite of passage and there’s very little that a dip in the sea can’t fix or at least make somewhat better.

Camp in your back garden

Camping in Ireland is always a dangerous game… will the weather cooperate or will it pour out of the heavens all night? Usually, the latter is true but camping in your back garden means at least you can leg it inside should the skies open. Every campout needs a campfire and every camper needs rations so following that train of thought… best make sure you have one of the new BuJo Campfire Kits to hand.

Available for nationwide delivery, this one comes with 12 patties and brioche buns, pickles, cheese and secret sauce. Not forgetting cookies, chocolate buttons and giant marshmallows – all the makings for some of the best campfire smores you’ve ever had.

Set up an outdoor movie

Setting up your own outdoor cinema is actually far easier than you might think. Granted, you need a small projector but once you have that you’re golden. I bought one on Amazon that has done the job nicely – cheap and cheerful and connects to both my phone and laptop. Make sure the one you go for is compatible with Netflix/Disney+ though… I failed to do this before buying and it’s a bit of a pain trying to find other streaming alternatives tbh.

Have a picnic

Laying out in the sun and watching the clouds go by is arguably one of the most relaxing ways to spend an afternoon. Throw in a charcuterie/cheese board and you’ve got the perfect setup.

Make one up yourself or leave it to the professionals and opt for one from the likes of White Gables. These guys have the art of the food platter down pat.

Do something active

Be that going for a walk, a hike, a bike ride… doesn’t matter, just get out there and enjoy the sunshine. It’s not often the rain subsides now, is it?!

Diamond Hill in Connemara is only a short drive from Galway city and guarantees good views so long as the sun shines. This is from when I did it last year… didn’t get so lucky with the views but all those happy endorphins made up for it.

Visit an outdoor market 

Back and even better than before, the Galway market is up there as one of the best things about Galway on the weekend. Showcasing the cream of the crop, there you’ll find quirky wares from local traders as well as fresh fruit and veg,  BoyChik Donuts and bagels from Galway Bay Bakery.

What more could you want?!

 Go for a bite

With a reputation as one of the foodie capitals of the west coast, going out for a bite to eat is a foolproof way to make sure you’re living your best life in Galway. And with local businesses crying out for custom, you can rest easy in the knowledge that doing so is much appreciated by those in the hospitality industry. Perch yourself outside one of the restaurants down Quay Street and settle in for a feast (with a side of sunshine).

Fat Freddy’s is always a reliable choice, you can’t go wrong with one of their dreamy pasta dishes.

Don’t forget the suncream lads.

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