40 chickens, ducks and Christmas turkeys stolen from family farm in Galway

By Fiona Frawley

December 16, 2022 at 3:37pm


Over 40 birds have been stolen from a poultry farm in Corrandulla, Galway, valued at about €10,000.

Even the family's turkeys for Christmas were stolen, they said in a post on Facebook.

Michael Gilmore of Gilmore's Poultry said that the birds stolen were top show stock and breeding stock, and that whoever had taken them "knew their birds" as they'd taken the best stock from every pen.

Gardaí are investigating the incident, which took place between 9pm last Friday and 6am last Saturday.

Speaking to the Irish Times, transition year student Michael asked for anyone who sees the birds for sale to let the family know.

If any of you see these birds for sale please notify us. We had this break in and it was about €10,000 worth. It is hard to know (who would have done this.) What really motivated them I would think was taking the Christmas turkeys.


Michael said he started the business three years ago, but after the theft he's now "completely wiped out and back to scratch".

Some of the birds stolen include modern game, call ducks and silkie hens, as well as the Christmas turkeys.

Michael said that he hopes his appeal might lead to some of the birds being returned or at least make it more difficult for them to be sold on.

Header image via Facebook/Gilmore's Poultry

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