17 Photos That Prove Every 'Star Wars' Fan Has To Visit Skellig Michael At Least Once

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June 24, 2019 at 9:09am


Ireland is one of the prettiest countries in the world yet it is amazing how little of it many of us have actually seen.

While tourists flock to these shores and enjoy our amazing scenery we tend to tell ourselves "ah sure, we'll go and see that some day".

To get everybody inspired, we thought we'd highlight the remarkable natural beauty of Skellig Michael.

While the islands off the coast of Kerry are stunning on their own, the fact that Star Wars was filmed there gives hard core fans even more reason to visit.

Get your trip booked...

1. As soon as you arrive here you'll realise that there is something very special about the place

2. The locals are super friendly here too

3. The climb to the top is hard work...

4. But the view when you reach the top is breathtaking...

5. The place always looks like something from a movie scene no matter what the weather

6. The islands are a protected UNESCO world heritage site

7. Monks lived here for generations

8. And history surrounds you wherever you are on these islands

9. The view is not for those who suffer from vertigo

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10. You'll be able recreate your own photo scenes and let your imagination run wild

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11. And pretend you are in the movie

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12. A walk here is like nothing else in the world

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13. The raw beauty of the island is the perfect escape from city life

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14. You'll find plenty of quiet corners to gather your thoughts and admire the beauty

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15. The Skellig's couldn't really be more off the beaten track

16. It really is worth making a very special trip to see these islands

17. Make it your business to check out this wonderful part of the world..

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