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21st Sep 2019

Explore Éire: This Is Said To Be The Darkest Place In Ireland And It Looks INSANE

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

This place will surely send chills down your spin.

Ireland is home to some of the most incredible sites: The Cliffs Of Moher, The Giant’s Causeway, The Burren. These are places that you hear a lot about but there are some places that deserve a lot more attention.

One of them is Dunmore Caves in Kilkenny.

Said to be one of the darkest places in Ireland, Dunmore cave has formed over millions of years and is full of calcite sculptures, stalagmites and stalactites.

Today it is like stepping into another world as natural wonders, Viking history and myths spring from shadows.

It is said that Vikings massacred a thousand local people who had sought refuge at this cave. There have since been archaeological discoveries of skeletons, mainly of women and children, scary stuff.

Treasures such as Viking coins, ingots and buttons have also been found here.

Climbing back up the steps into the daylight, it is tempting to imagine faeries appearing once you have left, to dance on the faerie floor they keep swept clean in the cave. Or so legend says.

Definitely one for the bucket list!