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26th Nov 2021

This Kilkenny café is counting down to Christmas with the return of their iconic festive sambo

Katy Thornton

It’s back by popular demand this festive season.

The only thing better than the actual Christmas dinner, are the turkey sandwiches that are made from the Christmas dinner. Often it’s a highlight of Christmas Day, when you’re flaked out on the couch, eating Celebrations, watching the Harry Potter movies for the 20th time, and suddenly, you get a little bit peckish for something. Well, that something is the Christmas sambo, and Arán Kilkenny aren’t waiting for Christmas Day.

The Christmas Beast is back! It’s full of the two classic ingredients, turkey and ham, as well as stuffing, housemade cranberry sauce, and pickled pineshoot mayo. All sandwiched between two toasted pieces of white bread. People could not get enough of this sandwich last year, and we can totally see why.

Arán Kilkenny closes on Mondays and Tuesdays but opens 8am to 4pm Wednesday to Sunday. The café is located on Barrack Street.

So if you’re in the neighbourhood (or even if you’re not) make it your business to pop over to try this sandwich.

Header image via Instagram/arankilkenny

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