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11th Feb 2022

REVIEW: Spending the night with The Pembroke Hotel in Kilkenny

Rory Cashin

A must-visit for staycationers in 2022.

Why make a reservation?

There are many, many reasons to visit Kilkenny, and the Pembroke manages to put you right in the thick of the action. However, it somehow still managing to maintain the feeling of enough distance that you’re not worried about being awoken by partiers outside your hotel window at all hours.

Set the scene

If you’ve been to Kilkenny, then you likely already know “that main instersection where you can see Kilkenny Castle, walk into the legendary left bank and turn down the main shopping thoroughfare. A one-minute walk away from that is the Pembroke Hotel.

The rich wood-filled reception area tunnels away to Statham’s, the large restaurant operating on the ground floor, as well as an impressively expansive bar with an outdoor area.

There is also a spa area in the hotel, but we did not visit it during our stay.

The rooms

As hotel rooms go, there is very little more you’d be left wanting. The beds are comfortable, the bathroom has a decent bath with nice products. There is a high-end coffee machine with some complimentary pods, the TV has all the stations you could need.

The rooms themselves are spacious enough to ensure you don’t feel you’ve no floor space to put your bags down, while the view from our room looked out over the gardens attached to the National Design and Craft Gallery.

Food & drink

Arguably the nicest steak we’ve ever had in our lives!

We attended Statham’s for dinner, and were struck by the somewhat limited menu. However, as with many great restaurants, that limitation allows more room for perfection. Do little, but do it brilliantly, and that was the case here.

The steak was incredible, and the sides of hash browns (something we’d assumed was only a breakfast thing) was a brilliant addition.

The cocktails were top notch too, with an espresso martini that is 100% insta worthy.

The service

From the receptionists to the wait staff, every single staff member was incredibly friendly and helpful, more than willing to offer suggestions and directions for anyone new to town or perhaps looking for new and/or interesting stuff for returning visitors.

Where is it?

From the Kilkenny train station, it is about a fifteen minute walk to the hotel. From that main intersection, it is literally sixty seconds to the reception. It could barely be much more centrally situated.

Prices from?

There are a host of different packages available to suit different types of visitors, but prices start around €130 per night for bed and breakfast.

All images via the Pembroke website.