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17th Sep 2021

Everything’s better with bacon on it, and cocktails are no exception

Fiona Frawley

As a great man once said, “bacon is good for me”.

The words of the great King Curtis have been a mantra we’ve adapted in our daily lives, and they never fail us. Happy? Eat some bacon. Sad? Eat some bacon. Confused? Eat some bacon. It just works, people.

We’re clearly not the only ones from this school of thought. House in Limerick have just unveiled their latest cocktail creation, garnished with something I think you’ll all be excited by:

Sure there he is now. The humble rasher sitting pretty in his rightful place: atop a specially crafted cocktail. This is “Off the Pigs Back” (literally, but we won’t think about that too much), a drink to celebrate this year’s Pigtown Festival.

If you’re not familiar, Pigtown is an annual festival in Limerick celebrating the county’s famous bacon industry through themed events an exhibitions. For example, this Friday night Limerick’s famous Milk Market became Pigtown Market, hosting a pig mask making workshop, hot food vendors, craft stalls and more. Wholesome AF.

Anyway, back to the drink. It’s Jameson, lemon, sage leaves (good for casting out evil spirits), apple and honey lovingly topped with a rasher of pork crackling. This little piggy became a cocktail garnish isn’t one I heard growing up, but I’d be up for giving it a try.

Would you be into it?

Header image via Instagram/houselimerick

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