Red flag in place at busy Cork beach after rare Lion's Mane jellyfish spotted in the water

By Fiona Frawley

July 4, 2023 at 12:37pm


A red flag is the highest hazard warning possible, indicating that swimming is not allowed.

A beach in East Cork has been issued a red flag warning after a rare and dangerous jellyfish was sighted in the water.

The Lion's Mane jellyfish, which was sighted at Redbarn Beach, is described by the HSE as  "the most serious jellyfish in Irish waters" as its stinging cells are much sharper than other others typically found along the coast of Ireland. All jellyfish have stinging cells or "stingers" on their tentacles, but the Lion's Mane's are more likely to pierce skin resulting in a painful sting.

  • Remove yourself from the water / vicinity of the jellyfish
  • If helping someone else make sure you don’t get stung yourself
  • Seek help and advice from lifeguards if you are on a lifeguarded beach
  • Try to carefully remove any attached tentacles by flushing the sting area with sea water, or removing tentacles with gloved hands, clean stick, tweezers, or scraping gently with the edge of a credit card. Don’t try to rub them off.

More information about jellyfish in Irish waters and what to do if you get stung is available HERE.

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