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18th Jun 2021

Foxford have unveiled these beautiful murals to bring a pop of colour into the town

Fiona Frawley

Two previously plain buildings in Foxford Town have had an upgrade thanks to Foxford Wall Art and the local community.

Foxford Wall Art had the idea to select walls that were the most visible and regularly passed by the people of the town and transform them into something spectacular, giving everyone in the local community as well as passers by a sense of pride and place.

The amazing murals were created by Sligo based artist Friz, and celebrate Foxford’s flora and fauna as well as intertwining local folklore into the works. They’re located along a busy road where they’ll be regularly seen by locals and passersby, and the founders of Foxford Wall Art are confident they’ll transform, inspire, and help further progression of the town. They launched a fundraising campaign on Instagram and Facebook just last month and the people of Foxford were quick to smash the target, making the murals possible!

If you’re around Foxford this weekend definitely stop off and admire this colourful representation of their community spirit.

Header Image via Foxford Wall Art 

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