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18th Jun 2021

This Westport cafe has just made our brunch dreams a reality with this AMAZING platter

Fiona Frawley

It’s the ultimate first world problem but a problem none the less – what does one order for brunch? Picking between pancakes, waffles or french toast… it’s the Sophie’s Choice of breakfast items.

Lucky for us, the Creel in Westport has solved all our breakfast woes with this frankly LEGENDARY brunch platter. Pancakes, waffles, french toast, bacon and an array of sauces and syrups all on the one plate! Think of it like a spice box of brunch bits – perfect to order when you’re too hungover to make a decision.

If you’re in the mood for something more savoury, check out Creel’s delish sausage burgers, or maybe a buddha bowl full of nutritious treats. Your body is a temple after all.

Header image via Instagram/The Creel

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