This Clever Road Safety Campaign In Mayo Is The Work Of Genius

We hope this spreads to every county...

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It's one of the worst habits of any road user and thankfully most people are horrified when they see it.

Alas, we still do see it and far too regularly. Using your phone while driving has been proven time and time again to affect your concentration and doing so has caused countless road injuries and fatalities. 

Which is why we absolutely commend this road safety campaign in Co. Mayo. Next Friday, April 28 is 'My Green And Red Thumb Day' where schools and workplaces are encouraged to paint their thumb in one (or both) of the county colours. 

Last year's campaign (above) saw people share thumb selfies across Twitter, Facebook and other social media. 

While the seriousness of the effort can't be overestimated, the idea is that nobody will want to use their phones if it means getting red or green paint smudged on the screen.

Clever right?

We really hope this spreads to other counties. Purple and yellow in Wexford, anyone? Black and amber in Kilkenny? 

Fair play to all involved.

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