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24th Sep 2021

This Kinsale cafe have just brought back the brunch dish of dreams

Fiona Frawley

Look avocado toast, you’ve had your moment.

You’ve filled the bellies of millennials and prevented us from getting mortgages for the last decade, and it’s been a wild ride. We’ve had fun. But now it’s time to make room for a new brunch queen. And we may have found the dish up for the job at OHK Cafe in Kinsale.

Figs are the ultimate late summer, early autumn fruit, but the kind we need someone else to prepare for us. Trusted professionals with a proven track record of expertly pairing flavours to create the perfect, harmonious bite. They’re the type of fruit you’d pick up at a boujie supermarket because they were part of a gorge autumnal display, then take home and not have a breeze what to do with. Maybe I’ve just lived a sheltered life fruit wise, but this is my experience anyway. Luckily, these Kinsale brunch experts have the fig prep nailed.

These jammy figs are roasted with honey, aged balsamic and thyme, then lovingly placed atop creamy goats cheese smothered toast. The sweet and savoury combo is the stuff of dreams, and OHK recommend adding on their coffee glazed bacon for a bit of a kick. Definitely one to add to your Autumn brunch bucket list.

Header image via Instagram/ohkcafe

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