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04th Sep 2020

New Mexican restaurant now open in Tullamore

Sarah Finnan

Mexican restaurant

Known for their ‘feel good’ food, Zambrero is a Mexican restaurant with a mission. Saying that they’re about more than just good food, they have their sights set on helping to end world hunger thanks to their ‘plate 4 plate’ initiative whereby they donate meals to those in need.

Already with locations in Cork, Dublin, Kildare, Laois, Louth and Offaly – they’ve gone and added one more to the list, announcing that there’s a newly opened Zambrero in Westmeath as well.

Teasing the news on their Instagram a couple of weeks ago, they’ve since confirmed that their eighth store is now open for business in Tullamore. And it sounds like day one went well with the team thank customers for ‘all the amazing support’ so far.

‘Thank you for all the amazing support yesterday!! We really appreciate the cooperation with our new staff and social distancing.’

Amongst the menu offerings, you’ll find burritos, chikitos (smaller burritos), bowls, nachos, tacos, quesadillas and more. In a word – heaven.

The new spot even got a shout out from Irish band Chasing Abbey who tweeted a photo outside the restaurant saying: ‘Finally someone brought Mexican food to Tullamore. Hit it up, the food is quality’. Hard to argue with that.

Header image via Instagram/Zambrero Ireland

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