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17th Oct 2019

Go to a Harry Potter screening at Wicklow gaol for serious Azkaban vibes

Sarah Finnan

Minus the dementors thankfully (though I’d have plenty of chocolate on hand…just to be safe).

Harry Potter is the answer to all of my problems. Feeling sad? Watch Harry Potter? Stressed? Watch Harry Potter. Trying to get in the festive spirit? Watch Harry Potter. It serves all purposes.

Wicklow Gaol seems to agree and is hosting two viewings of the iconic Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. One of my faves.

Taking place on November 9th, there will be an early screening at 6pm and a second later screening at 9:30pm.

Pack your woollies and some comfy blankets or pillows and follow the spiders inside for the full Azkaban experience.

Tickets cost €15 and can be gotten here.

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