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30th Dec 2019

Here’s Where You’ll Find The BEST Chicken Fillet Roll In The Country

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Nothing cures a Sunday hangover like a chicken fillet roll.

It’s one of those dishes that I’ve actually tried in most counties due to random weekend breaks across the country. When we were in college you’d head down to the other side of the country for an 18th and the journey back always involved a stop-off at the local deli or garage for a roll and a bottle of Lucozade.

In my 24-years however, there is one chicken fillet roll in particular that has always been above the rest.

Le Chef deli in Arklow Co. Wicklow makes the BEST chicken fillet rolls in the country, hands down.

Located on the main street of the town, there are often large queues out the door around lunchtime of people trying to get their hands on them.

As an Arklow native, I’m proud to announce this to you all.

Don’t believe me? 

I’ve had many groups of friends down through the years visit and every time I introduce them to this roll they agree it’s the best they’ve had.

I came home for the first time in months this weekend and I had my first Le Chef chicken fillet roll in about four years. It did not disappoint.

So what makes it so special?

The owners hand-coat the large chicken breast chunks themselves with a secret recipe that will have you drooling at the mouth. It’s always super fresh and they coat it in a divine sweet chilli mayo sauce.

Honestly, I guarantee you’ve never tried anything like it.

If you’re hungover today or just craving something delicious you need to try this, even if it involves driving a few hours to get there.

Believe me, I’ve done it.

So delish!