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26th Oct 2020

Working from home? Here’s all the home office inspo you need

Sarah Finnan

home office

Most of us are well used to working from home by now. Seven months in and the office is but a distant memory at this point. Commuting? Never heard of her.

Now that the initial novelty of being at home has worn off though, some of you may join me in admitting that you’re a little fed up of the situation. Ever hopeful that a return to Lovin HQ was just around the corner, I dug my heels in the sand and stubbornly put off setting up a proper working area… to no one’s detriment but my own.

Logging on from my leaba sounded like a good idea but it hasn’t done me (or my posture) any favours. And so I’ve begrudgingly had to cut my losses and move my laptop to the desk that is, coincidentally, within sight of my bed.

Enter interior designer Jackie Carton of Carton Interiors who filled me in on the best way to set up your home office – which, up until recently, was non-existent in my case.

Here’s what she had to say:

“Working from home on a laptop has its advantages and disadvantages. Some will say it encroaches on our downtime and makes the work-life balance harder to manage. For others, Zoom calls in pyjamas beat ‘Casual Fridays’ any day.

Creating that office getaway in your home doesn’t have to mean building an extension, or redesigning your shed. If your files are shared digitally with your co-workers, quite often all you need is a surface for your laptop, cup of coffee and a quiet room to get the job done.

With more distractions in the home, work tasks can take longer, and having the discipline to sit and focus on work can be more of a challenge. Creating a dedicated workspace that includes everything you need to stay productive and connected will help to keep your mind on the job and not on the shopping list, the laundry or the hundred other tasks you should be doing around the house.”

Below are a few different options Jackie highlighted when creating a home office space.

Go the bespoke route 

If the WFH option seems to be a permanent fixture, and the budget permits, why not treat
yourself and go the bespoke route?

In this example (white desk/shelves and blue leather chair), floating drawers spanning an alcove act as a desk in the corner of the open plan living/dining room. Stationary and paperwork can be hidden away in the drawers -while the floating shelves above are both functional as well as showcasing a decorative display, minimising that office look.

Neutral tones keep this office zone looking airy and bright. LED lighting under the shelves work as task lighting and add to the wow factor of this minimal design. Make a list of your office space needs, and enlist the help of a bespoke carpenter to help you create your perfect home office.

Get inspo from IKEA

When it comes to choice, size and value, IKEA has desks, tables and worktops to suit every size nook and every design style. For tight spaces consider the Svalnäs wall mounted desk, or the Knotten standing desk. Choose the Vittsjö for an industrial look or the Lommarp for classic elegance. Or build your own desk, with the selection of Linnmon and Klimpen desktops in a range of sizes, Lerberg trestle legs or Alex drawer units for underneath.

In this image, we’ve teamed up a simple IKEA desk with pops of complementary colours suitable for a home office.

Make use of extra bedroom space

A dressing table in your bedroom can be the perfect quiet spot to escape from housemates or family members and grab a few hours work. Team it up with a comfortable chair with good support and get busy working!

Positioned near the window, this bespoke desk is ideal for natural light with its
myriad of benefits. Drawers are useful for hiding paperwork and stationery when the working day is done and a desk lamp is ideal for task lighting at evening time. Incorporating the same colour scheme as the rest of the bedroom helps unify the space.

Give the unused spare room a purpose

A dedicated office space which can be closed off when not in use is the ideal scenario. The average box room has perfect dimensions for an office and if necessary a pull out sofa bed can permit occasional use as a guest room. Flatpack stores have a great range of affordable office furniture, as pictured here.

Keep clutter out of sight with under desk drawer units, storage boxes and shelving. To elevate the look of this space, designer touches like the bookworm bookshelf add instant appeal. A stylish mid-century style office chair provides support and mobility.

Convert the landing

Landings and hallways are often considered walkways to get from one space to another, and nothing more. But with a little creative thinking and ingenuity, even the smallest understairs nook, or opening on a landing area can be maximised to accommodate a desk or bench seating with storage. Combine with accessories to give the zone its own style and a finished look.

Here we found a simple unfussy desk with neat drawers that fitted the width of the landing perfectly. We added dark desktop accessories to blend with the desk and hide any clutter. We teamed it up with an accent chair with a bold design to add interest and to turn heads in an otherwise unusual office setting.

Five different options to choose from… get them Pinterest boards a ready.

All interiors tips by Jackie Carton of Carton Interiors

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