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29th Oct 2020

“Ireland’s Most Haunted House” is setting up 24-hour surveillance cameras for Halloween

Rory Cashin

You can take a look around the house that is said to have been visited by the Devil itself.

The 5km restrictions of movements, along with all of the pubs and bars closed, along with the closure of the usual spooky attractions – Farmophobia, the Nightmare Realm, etc. – means that this Halloween won’t be the same as what we’re used to.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still a scary time from the comfort of your home, be it checking out a classic horror movie, or doing something a little different, maybe with the help of the staff at “Ireland’s most haunted house”…

The folks at Loftus House in Wexford have set up a unique Halloween experience for fans of the truly scary stuff, but before we get into that, we should probably catch you up on why Loftus House is considered to be so scary.

The story goes that during a stormy night, a stranger knocked at the house, and the family inside invited him in. The daughter of the family immediately fell in love with him. During a card game, she dropped below the table to retrieve a fallen card, only to see the stranger had cloven hooves instead of feet. Upon being revealed, the stranger shot through the roof in a ball of flames.

The daughter apparently never fully recovered from her encounter with the devil, and was locked away by her family, before passing away a few years later. But the staff of the house claim to still see her wandering the halls, years and years after her death.

So… yeah. The Devil. Ghosts. All the primary food groups of a good scare.

From 12.01am on Friday, October 30, the staff will be activating 12 cameras around the house, setting up 24-hour surveillance for three days and three nights, giving viewers unprecedented access to the entire house.

Those who sign up for the experience will also have access to paranormal investigators as they look into Loftus House, with a live chat and forum with the investigators and other haunted house fans.

For all the information you need, head to the official website for the event right here.

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