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08th Dec 2019

There’s an app that helps you plan your hike for a weekend of adventuring

Sarah Finnan

Hiiker helps you plan your hike

Planning a multi-day hike can sometimes be as strenuous as actually doing the hike itself.

It often involves hours of traversing the internet and poring over maps in order to settle on a route. And to be honest, I usually lose interest halfway through and give up before I’ve even started the hike.

Enter Hiiker.

Hiiker is basically a mobile app that helps people find hiking trails around the world, giving them information about accommodation and food as well. Very handy to have everything in one place.

It even works fully offline in case your trek takes you off the grid…or if you live in the middle of nowhere and have rubbish coverage. The app breaks your trail into realistic daily stages and marks nearby amenities that are easily accessible by foot.

Encouraging people to opt for a more active holiday, it’s a great way to showcase Ireland to an international audience and highlight the fantastic hiking trails around the country.

The idea for the app came to founder Paul Finlay when he was out hiking, naturally enough.

According to him “There wasn’t an app out there that could take users from the planning stage right through to completing a trail and include everything in between, an all-encompassing app.”

Will definitely be giving this a go next time I’m feeling motivated to get out and get moving.

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