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08th Oct 2021

Schitts Creek fan? We’ve got the board game for you, bebe

Fiona Frawley

A huge part of lockdown for many of us was moving home, rummaging around cupboards and dusting off the board games we previously hadn’t laid eyes on for 20+ years.

The puzzle and board game phase is one I remember fondly. And one I’m still a bit shocked I went through when Netflix and TikTok were literally right there.

But now our Netflix binges and board game dalliances have become one. Allow me to present, Schitts Creek Monopoly.

It’s got everything a Schitts Creek stan could hope for. You can buy Rosebud Motel or the Cafe Tropical (it’d break Twyla’s heart but like, go for it I guess), with the Ray Butani card close at hand for trusty mortgage advice. Ronald’s truck is available to rent if you find yourself in a pickle transportation wise, and if you’re lucky your journey may take you from Blouse Barn to Rose Apothecary. The true glow up fairy tale.

You can choose to play with a unit from Moira’s iconic wig collection, the keys to the Rose’s room at Rosebud hotel, Alexis’s pet turtle and loads more.

It’s the perfect present for anyone in your life that’s ~A Little Bit Alexis~ or whose expressions of disgust would give David a run for his money.

Best wishes.

Warmest Regards.

Header image via Instagram/schittscreek

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