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22nd Sep 2021

The trailer for Adam King’s new cartoon is here and we have something in our eye

Fiona Frawley

Time for your Wednesday morning cry sesh.

Back in June we heard that national treasure Adam King was set to star in his own animated series, Adam Loves Adventure. After stealing the hearts of the nation during his appearance on last year’s Toy Show, it’s only right that he becomes a more permanent fixture on our screens. And a cartoon which follows his adventures through space is just the ticket.

The trailer shows everybody’s favourite virtual hugger in a dotey astronaut get up shooting off into space for an adventure with his crew Bubby and Zuzu, and his trusty wheelchair Zuzu. Adam voices the first ever wheelchair using protagonist of an Irish children’s programme, and the creative team hope the cartoon will inspire others, and show that “heroes come in many shapes and sizes”.

If you have young kids at home, they’ll love watching Adam and his pals visit aliens and learn more about how to take care of our own planet. If you don’t have kids, let’s be honest, you’re going to watch it anyway. No one can resist a bit of adorable Adam content. It’s what the country needs.

Header image via Instagram/adamkingadventures 

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