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07th Sep 2021

The new trailer for Sex Education season three just dropped with only 10 days to go

Katy Thornton

Moordale High and its students are looking a little different this time around.

The new season of Sex Education is just around the corner and we finally have a trailer. We confirmed the date of its return back in June, and now with only 10 days to go, we are getting our first look. First impressions, Maeve has a fringe, Otis has a ‘stache, and Aimee has a… goat?

If you’re a sucker for a spoiler, like I am, then you can watch the trailer here.

There’s a lot to unpack from this trailer, so we’ll stick to the key moments. Eric and Adam are getting closer while Maeve and Otis are still on the outs. Aimee is struggling with the new person she is, perhaps following the bus incident from season two.

There’s a new Head Master at Moordale High, or should I say, Head Mistress. Jemima Kirke, best known for her role as Jessa in Girls, has taken over from Mr. Groff, and she does not seem to vibe with the school’s proclivity for sexual exploration. In fact, the trailer begins with a news story that has dubbed Moordale High “The Sex School”.

From the trailer it appears that the hard work Otis and Maeve put in to guide their fellow classmates about sex is being undone by the new school rules. In the trailer a teacher simply states “sex will ruin your life.”

Maeve is understandably outraged by the new rules. Otis says he no longer wants to be involved with the clinic, but we’re thinking the censorship of positive sex talk will soon change his mind. Isaac is still around and appears to be jealous of Otis, which gives us hope that there’s a chance for Otis and Maeve after all.

Overall the trailer gives us a juicy sneak peek into the new season, and we’re now even more excited to see it drop on the 17th September.

Header image via Instagram/sexeducation 

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