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21st Jul 2023

Aldi to sell Prime for a limited time only for just €2.99 a bottle

Katy Thornton

The Prime craze isn’t dying down anytime soon.

When Prime launched in Aldis across the UK, Aldi Ireland made it clear they weren’t planning on stocking the famed hydration drink anytime soon. Fast forward a few months, and the hype has gotten too real. Shops across the country have been selling the hydration drink, which sells for just $1.99 in the US, for as much as €20 in some places. You’re lucky to get your hands on it for less than €10.

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So Aldi Ireland have taken it upon themselves to stock Prime for a much more affordable price, with the catch that customers will only be allowed to purchase one of each flavour, as demand is expected to be high.

Prime will officially go on sale in Aldi from July 27th for just €2.99. Two of its signature flavours will be available, Ice Pop and Blue Raspberry. However this drink will be apart of ALDI’s Specialbuy items, so once they’re gone, they are gone for good.

Prime is the brainchild of YouTube stars, KSI and Logan Paul and has become somewhat of a viral sensation with fans snapping up bottles at record pace. The popular drink, which is 10% coconut water, contains electrolytes and promises to deliver that much needed hit of hydration. Each 500ml bottle contains zero added sugar and is 25 calories.

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