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20th Jul 2023

Gordon Ramsay visits Galway ice cream shop and films on Inis Oírr

Fiona Frawley

Gordon Ramsay Galway

The celebrity chef popped over for a ceapaire amadan. 

We’ve all been seeing a bit more of Gordon Ramsay in recent weeks as the action from the latest season of Hell’s Kitchen plays out on Virgin Media (complete with Irish chef Declan in tow, hyup).

But those in the West of Ireland have had a chance to get more up close and personal with the chef, as he’s been spotted visiting local ice cream shops and boarding the ferry to Inis Oírr.

Ramsay is in Ireland ahead of shooting for his show Next Level Chef, at a purpose built sound stage at Ashford Studios in Co Wicklow.

Prior to filming, chef Ramsay has been seen frequenting a few Galway spots – first up was Siopa Beag, an Teach Dóite shop and filling station at Maam Cross in Connemara, where he picked up a 99 and gave it his “seal of approval”.

Ramsay also boarded the Doolin Ferry yesterday, to travel to the smallest of the Aran Islands Inis Oírr for filming.

A snap of the chef strolling by the sea on the island was also shared by TG4, who as you’d imagine were extremely on the ball for this crossover.

It has yet to be confirmed whether he’s gone through anyone for storing cooked and frozen chicken together yet.

Speaking about filming in Ireland, Chef Ramsay said:

‘Not only do I get to spend weeks filming in a county that I love, it also creates an appealing opportunity for our international partners from around the world.’

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