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28th Aug 2023

American brings suitcase full of Diet Coke on holiday believing it isn’t sold in Europe

Katy Thornton

diet coke europe

That she likes Diet Coke more than Coke Zero is more jarring TBH.

Sometimes, we just have to take things on holiday with us from home because we know it won’t be the same abroad.

The first one that springs to mind for a lot of you is probably tea, and I’m sure at least a few of you reading this will often pack some Barry’s or Lyons with you when you go on your hols.

This American influencer has taken things to a new extreme though, after packing an entire suitcase of Diet Coke in the false belief that it isn’t sold here in Europe.

In a TikTok, Real Housewives star Jill Zarin showed how she had brought enough Diet Coke with her to last “two weeks.”

Filmed by her daughter, Ally Shaprio, Zarin said Diet Coke isn’t sold in Europe, and that instead you can only get Coke Zero or Coke Light here.

Speaking to the camera, she said: “So I’ve smuggled my Diet Coke from the United States because they don’t sell it in Europe.

“They only have Coke Light and Coke Zero and it sucks.”

She’d filled her suitcase with cans and bottles of the fizzy drink, some of which had sadly not survived the flight over.

The reality TV star was roundly ridiculed in the comments, with hundreds letting her know that her favourite is readily available across the continent.

One person wrote: “What’s happening here? Who is behind this misinformation campaign telling people that we don’t have these things over here?

“Because whoever you are, keep it up, this s**t is funny.”

“All EU has diet coke and coke zero,” someone else commented.

And a third said: “Never heard of coke light in my life we have diet coke.”

But Shaprio leapt to her mother’s defence, replying to one person by explaining that they were travelling to Italy, Greece and Croatia where she claimed it’s “very hard to find Diet Coke.”

If you ask me, it’s still utterly unhinged behaviour.

This article originally appeared on JOE UK

Header image via TikTok & Getty


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