15 Incredible Irish Instagram Photographer Accounts Worth Following

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This week I did a bit of post summer clear-out on my Instagram account.

I had been following a load of shite accounts that were clogging up my feed and pissing me off. I was spending time questioning how someone still had a toned stomach when they had a massive cheeseburger the day prior and crying over dogs with one leg.

So, I decided I'd only follow accounts that looked slick and made me happy.

I adore following Irish people, support your own and all that. Plus, I find them way more relatable, they know how GORJ a chicken fillet roll is and that the Cliffs of Moher will be a sight we'll never get sick of.

Being in charge of the Instagram accounts for Lovin has made me really appreciate these kind of people. I spend my days in work going on the hunt for more pages just like them for pictures to share with you guys on our accounts.

Here's some of my absolute FAVES right now:

1. @ihaveadarksoul

Views of Ireland you've never even seen before.


2. @rawdublin

Freddy is mate of the Lovin team and he was the very first person to appear in our Instagram series, Lovin Dubliners.

He's a seriously talented guy with an infectious personality.

The king of puddle reflection photography.

3. @shotbymaguire

It's hard to believe this guy only has five thousand followers.

A brill account to follow if you're interested in street photography.

4. @irishskies

An account that does what it says on the tin - captures images of Ireland's beautiful skies.

5. @mrneeson

At just 21 years old, Mr. Neeson is going places.

He is super talented and definitely one to watch.

6. @jamescampbell.photography

This explorer has travelled to some of the most photogenic places in the country and beyond.

7. @dublinbynight

Greg is one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet and one of the most talented photographers.

Anyone who's ever taken a picture at night will know how difficult it can be but this guy makes it look effortless.

8. @joe.ire

I don't think I've ever seen Joe without his drone by his side.

Great guy.

9. @maguirc5

A diary of people and places seen through the eyes of Ciarán.

10. @lawless_ireland

Urban landscapes from around the country.

11. @laurenceire

There's very few people who post videos on Insta and even fewer who are good at doing it in long form.

We predict big things from this nineteen year old.

12. @sykes_36

Being an architecture student gives this guy an edge.

He can really show the beauty in a simple stairwell or building you'd walk past on any given day.

13. @wanderingirishcailin

Wandering Irish girl Elaine brings a splash of colour to her feed and shows off the beaut country we live in.

14. @dublincityshots

Landscape and street photography.

One of the most aesthetically pleasing feeds going.

15. @varjakpaul

Just fab.

Header image: @dublincityshots @iahevadarksoul

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Eadaoin Fitzmaurice

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