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20th Sep 2022

Check out the All Ireland winners at the final of the Irish Restaurant Awards

Katy Thornton

irish restaurant awards

Ireland’s very best of 2022 has been revealed.

For the last month the Regional Irish Restaurant Awards for 2022 have been on, and last night it reached its finale at the Convention Centre in Dublin, recognising the very best of Irish hospitality. From best gastropub, to best emerging Irish cuisine, the top restaurants from each province as well as All Ireland have been revealed. So make note of some of these places because these are the very best that Ireland has to offer.

Without further ado, here’s Ireland’s top restaurants.

Best Private Dining and Club Restaurant

25 Fitzwilliam Place in Dublin

Best Cookery School

Aniar Restaurant & Boutique Cookery School in Galway

Best Seafood Experience

Beach House Tramore in Waterford

Best Digital Marketing

Michael’s in Dublin

Best Cocktail Experience

Skirmantas Mossy Lelys in Kerry

Local Food Hero

Ulster – Native Seafood, Stevie and Rebecca Mccarry

Leinster – Mark Williams, Butcher Restaurant

Connaught – Teresa Roche, Kylemore Farmhouse Cheese

Munster – Denis Cotter, Paradiso Cork City

Dublin – Eoin McCluskey, Bread 41

All Ireland Winner – Eoin McCluskey, Bread 41

Best Sustainable Practices

Ulster – Olde Post Inn, Cavan

Leinster – The Green Barn, Kildare

Connaught – Sweet Beat Café, Sligo

Munster – Grow HQ, Waterford

Dublin – Airfield Estate

All Ireland Winner – Grow HQ, Waterford

Best Free From Restaurants

Ulster – The Hive, Monaghan

Leinster – Truffles Restaurant, Kilkenny

Connaught – Greens & Co, Galway

Munster – Copia Green, Limerick

Dublin – Vietnom

All Ireland Winner – Copia Green, Limerick

Best Emerging Irish Cuisine

Ulster – Clenaghans Restaurant, Antrim

Leinster – The Heritage, Laois

Connaught – Fish and Bean, Sligo

Munster – Old Couch Café, Waterford

Dublin – Margadh Food & Wine

All Ireland Winner – Old Couch Café, Waterford

Best Restaurant Manager 

Ulster – Saul McConnell, Noble

Leinster – Lareina Quigley, Vanilla Pod Restaurant, Meath

Connaught – Gabriel Camburu, Buffalo Boy

Munster – John Edward Joyce, The Mustard Seed

Dublin – Conor Sexton, Nightmarket

All Ireland Winner – Conor Sexton, Nightmarket

Best Wine Experience

Ulster – Ox Cave, Belfast

Leinster – Ely Wine Store, Maynooth

Connaught – Walker 1781, Sligo

Munster – Sheen Falls Lodge, Kerry

Dublin – NOTE

All Ireland Winner – Ely Wine Store, Maynooth

Best Café

Ulster – Brøn Cafe Bar and Restaurant, Derry

Leinster – Mullichain Café Glynn, Carlow

Connaught – Lyons Café and Bakeshop, Sligo

Munster – Café Lógr Adare, Limerick

Dublin – Tiller + Grain

All Ireland Winner – Tiller + Grain

Best World Cuisine

Ulster – Chandpur Restaurant, Donegal

Leinster – Pink Salt Indian, Wicklow

Connaught – Miso Izakaya, Sligo

Munster – Mezze Tramore, Waterford

Dublin – Big Fan Bao

All Ireland Winner – Mezze Tramore, Waterford

Best Newcomer

Ulster – Frae, Down

Leinster – Canal Squad, Kilkenny

Connaught – Éan, Galway

Munster – Beach House Tramore, Waterford

Dublin – Orwell Road

All Ireland Winner – Orwell Road, Dublin

Pub of the Year

Ulster – Charlie’s Bar, Fermanagh

Leinster – The Sky & The Ground, Wexford

Connaught – Lowry’s Bar, Galway

Munster – Mutton Lane Inn, Cork

Dublin – The Old Stand

All Ireland Winner – The Sky & The Ground, Wexford

Best Casual Dining

Ulster – The Copper Tap & 1806, Tyrone

Leinster – The Enniskerry Inn, Wicklow

Connaught – Poacher Restaurant, Mayo

Munster – Goldie, Cork

Dublin – Nannetti’s

All Ireland Winner – Goldie, Cork

Best Hotel and Guesthouse Restaurant

Ulster – McNean House & Restaurant Blacklion, Cavan

Leinster – Mount Juliet Estate Thomastown, Kilkenny

Connaught – Foyles Hotel, Galway

Munster – Cashel Palace Hotel, Tipperary

Dublin – The Shelbourne

All Ireland Winner – Mount Juliet Estate Thomastown, Kilkenny

Best Customer Service

Ulster – Oak Room, Cavan

Leinster – Treacy’s Bar and Restaurant, Laois

Connaught – The Twelve, Galway

Munster – Mitchel House, Tipperary

Dublin – Uno Mas

All Ireland Winner – Uno Mas, Dublin

Best Gastro Pub

Ulster – The Rusty Mackerel, Donegal

Leinster – Butler and Barry, Wicklow

Connaught – Coyne’s Gastropub, Galway

Munster – The Glenbeigh Hotel, Kerry

Dublin – Davy Byrnes

All Ireland Winner – The Rusty Mackerel, Donegal

Best Chef

Ulster – Ciaran Sweeney, The Olde Glen Bar Carrickart, Donegal

Leinster – John Kelly, Lady Helen Restaurant, Kilkenny

Connaught – Enda McEvoy, Loam, Galway

Munster – Ahmet Dede, Dede, Cork

Dublin – Graham Neville, Dax Restaurant

All Ireland Winner – Ahmet Dede, Dede, Cork

Best Restaurant

Ulster – Deanes Eipic, Antrim

Leinster – Aimsir Restaurant, Kildare

Connaught – Lignum Restaurant, Galway

Munster – Restaurant Chestnut, Cork

Dublin – Chapter One

All Ireland Winner – Chapter One, Dublin

So there you have it. The very best from the Irish hospitality scene have been recognised by the Irish restaurant awards 2022, and a huge congratulations to all the winners and nominees. As for us, we’ll be referring back to this anytime we’re planning a wee staycation around the country, or just in need of some award winning food, drink, or service.

Header image via Twitter/IrishRestaurantAward

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