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13th Jan 2023

Have you checked out Shane Lowry’s new Tullamore bar and restaurant?

Katy Thornton

shane lowry and alan clancy tullamore venture

The venue, formerly Tullamore Dew’s Heritage Centre, fronts onto the Grand Canal at Bury Quay.

Irish professional golfer Shane Lowry has recently opened a new hospitality venture in Tullamore, partnering with hospitality entrepreneur Alan Clancy. The pair have just launched The Old Warehouse, which used to be the Tullamore Dew’s Heritage Centre. After ten months of redevelopment, the doors are finally open, and this is what you can expect.

Spread out across two floors, the Old Warehouse has whiskey bars, full restaurant service and a dedicated coffee shop. The décor is dramatic and inviting and for all its luxury, the interior design hasn’t lost the link to its industrial heritage.

Alan Clancy said this of his new venture with Lowry:

When Grants decided they wanted to sell the building, I saw its potential as a bar restaurant in a prime location. I successfully procured it and brought Shane in as a partner. As a Clara man, Shane has a deep connection to the area and to the people of Offaly.”

The Copper Still Café, named for the three large copper stills dramatically positioned on the interior stone wall, offers coffee and snacks in both its interior and exterior spaces. The canal frontage has seating for sixty and is sure to be a popular stopping point for Offaly Greenway walkers in the summer months.

On the location, Clancy said this:

“We really are privileged to have such a historic site within the town of Tullamore. Shane and I tried to keep the DNA of the original design when we were bringing it all together. After the amazing work previous owners Grants did on the premises, we now have the honour of presenting the Old Warehouse as a new social venue with hospitality at its core. We look forward to welcoming many more people into it and that they will enjoy their experience.”

The Old Warehouse opens seven days a week with full bar and restaurant service. The Copper Still Café opens daily serving coffee from 8am to 4:30pm weekdays and from 9.30am to 4.30pm at the weekend.

Header image via Presence PR

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